SEGA Heroes

Whos plaing that too? πŸ™‚ Im playing this since the open starten in 2018. Its nice...

Do you mean the Sonic Heros song or are we talking about a different song? πŸ€”

I would be playing it if the art style was not western style clash royale wannabe trash.

@Sylus He is talking about a mobile game

@landman Oh, I'm stupid. Seems like SEGA uses the word "Heroes" for everything now. My bad 🀦

πŸ˜› Its a game waΒ΄hich is making by "demiurge".

Its a nice puzzle game with a lot of SEGA Chars from the hole gaming area, from Streets fo Rage, Virtua Fighter, ChuChu.... and so on πŸ™‚

You can take a look of it, its good for when you are lonly, at work with nothing to do and so on xD

But its not a new type of game but i like the optic from this game... and i like that you see hey, thats really the chars from SEGA with all its style und moves and sounds xD There are the modem disconnecting sound from Dreamcast πŸ˜„ So nice hahaha

Yes, it's basically Candy Crush clone, with clonic typical appstore artstyle.

They could have brought Puyo PuyoQuest, but noooo...

would nice!

buts its no candy crush clone πŸ˜„ Come on guy πŸ˜›

@landman It is kinda more of a fusion of Candy Crush and Puzzles & Dragons from what I looked up. So it's worse than Candy Crush.

Yes, more then Puzzle and Dragons. But Sega had lil bit before like Puzzle and Glory and look the same, but it was offline after 2 years...

That's what happens with mobile games, I played last year two... mobas? both released by Sega (Revolve8 and Leage of Wonderland), one is already closed, the other will close next month. On first hand makes you think how can the same company releases two similar games in that close period of time instead of focusing on one, then how can both games with greater art direction and gameplay fail compared to more generic ones.

Thats happened yes... welcome to 2020 🐢 But SEGA heroes is strong, and look at Sonic Dash, its an Arcade Game, runner and its still online for 7 years! And they still working on it, had Sonic Movie Special atm... and so on. I think the next big SEGA Game will be Sonic Tokyo 2020!