[Ship 2] Join SuperSimps(subject to change) today!!

Hi my name is Darnell (Ogreface) in game and I lead a cool group of people called SuperSimps (subject to change because the same was a joke made by the awesome people in my community, or possibly might stay SuperSimps if people enjoy it 🤣 ) We just like to have engaging conversations, share memes and grind for hours and hours on some days together! If You're interested and would love to join then just reply to this post here! shoot me a DM on this site or in game and I'll send you an invite to both our alliance and our Discord!! Thanks for taking the time to read my totally original alliance recruitment post!! I just want some more friends !!!Darnell_love-56.png Darnell_love-112.png

P.S. Yes we are level 5!! and our alliance base is bangin!!