Fashion / Layer wear update

We all know PSO2 has been out for many years, and allot of people will have suggested the same.

I still want to throw it out there again, maybe the Devs at SEGA will do something with it.

It will not only improve the quality of the the game for players, but also attract allot more players to the game.

As in many games the fashion / gear aspect is very attractive in PSO2, but, if it was devided into: Top / Bottom / Footwear, so more combinations would be available, that would make this game go right to the top of my list.

Of course keep the sets (outfits) as a whole, but make the 'Layered' wear more diverse. I'm missing the footwear section (maybe an accessorie?) But yes it will have to override the Basewear.

I accept it will be allot of work remodeling the group's and separating skins, but it would be so worth it 😉

Let them know what your thoughts are on the subject.

Kind regards

Miss Fit

Would be nice to have "shoe" accessories, but considering that accessories are added to the virtual skeleton as solid objects that don't change shape with the skeleton's bones to prevent weird behavior when people resize and adjust them, the closest we could have would be more like shin guards or something that doesn't take on the foot itself, IF there's even an attachment point for that section. I assume yes but haven't seen any accessory using it yet.

Personally i think the current setup is fine. While your idea is great, it would require a lot of time for them to do that - and money. And for a 8+ year old game, it mostly likely won't happen.

The only thing that i would like to see added is more accessory slots. 4 just isn't enough. Maybe 6.


Very valid point. Hence it would make sense to actually introduce a 'footwear' section, so the scaling would apply.

I was just riffing when I mentioned it as an accessory, but you are absolutely right.

Thank you for your contribution ZorokiHanuke 🙂


I do agree, the current setup is fine. I only discovered the NA version recently and playing on XBOX One in EU via NA server.

I am just trying to get the DEVS going and excited with the idea 😉

It's up to them if they implement it or not, I'm just trying to get some opinions like yours.

Thank you 🙂

@ZorokiHanuke There are actually quite a few shoe accessories on the JPN server, though mostly various kinds of casual boots. They can weird out a bit with stuff like the heel of the outfit's actual shoe sticking out of the bottom, but they can be adjusted to look fine as they are anchored to the foot (or maybe the ankle), not the shin.

@AndrlCh I see. I suspected an ankle slot since there's one for the wrist. I have some wrist accessories, but never seen anything for the lower legs. Lowest I've seen in NA is thigh. Of course, we have units, but those kind of float out of touch with any part of the body, and can't be adjusted (or can they?). So if we have an outfit and want to wear something better for your legs, right now we are very limited.

@Kuon used to be even less lol

Hi guys, I see the thread has run thin :p. Still waiting for a DEV to give us some answers or opinion. Guess they don't read all the topics, must be hard at work implementing all the new updates.

Last update I saw some new costumes pop up, also some new layer wear. Can't wait till the JAP stuff comes out. 07