game is broken AGAIN

do i seriously have to install this crap a third time like im seriously about to drop this game, this trash is supposed to be windows native

Get the tweaker and all your issues will be gone.

@Morgothryuzaki been using it since the wondows store broke after about a week of playing on the native platform. ive already done a fresh reinstall once with the tweaker which tok 24hours

@ENERSHA420 Then what is your issue? I am curious to know what is happening. Personally I have been running the tweaker for 3 weeks and I have yet to have a single issue.

@Morgothryuzaki failed to download updates

@ENERSHA420 That SHOULD NOT have taken 24 hours. In any way shape or forms. Unless you have mediocre internet or just issues with the provider you are using.

@Morgothryuzaki i have 100mb fibre optic Ethernet.

@ENERSHA420 Do you want their official discord? They can certainly help you with whatever issues you got,and if its a big,a report will only improve the tweaker on the long run.

@Morgothryuzaki im already on the tweaker discord. really shows how shabby the pso2 dev team is when they cant even maintain an 8 year old game with content that has already been developed

@ENERSHA420 Well then ask around in the Tweaker,since they are the ones handling the mess that the dev team has caused with the MS store.