Deleting Game Data From Computer


This is the 4th or 5th time I've had to delete PSO2 and reinstall, only this time I am having a new issue of deleting all data from the WindowsStore download.

I have never been able to uninstall properly and have had to manually delete pso2bin. However, last night I was unable to do this, the deletion process freezing @ around 58gigs and not deleting anything. This morning on the other hand, I was able to move the file to the recycle bin (even though nothing changed). I tried emptying my recycle bin and ran into the same issue I was before the file was in the recycle bin, freezing around 58gigs. After it stalled, the recycle bin was "empty", yet all of that space is still being taken up on my computer. Now I have no idea where this data is & have no way to delete it from my computer.

If anyone can help me that I would be much appreciated - not being able to play is one thing but having 80-90 gigabytes of bloat on my HD is a bigger issue. Let me know if you need any more information!

Thanks, Crystal 🙃

It's in your windowsapp folder in mutablebackups. I had the same issue and finally found where the files get moved. You'll need to gain permission to access your windowsapp folder but you can just google how to do it.

Had this problem on launch day and had to pay my IT guy to spend four hours prying it’s tentacles out of my hard drive.

Haven’t risked installing it since. The fact we are a month post release and the game is still acting like malware is a damning condemnation of Microsoft’s support for this game.