My Character Data has Height Error

I have an old character data from The Japan server. I move to America Server Since I don't understand Japanese. The height error it say that when undress it reaches less than 150 but its 152 and dress 158. Whats happening? And I don't want to start with any other character other than that one. I'm willing to leave a link to those that want to help me of my character data but I need you to tell if you since i don't want people to suddenly have the same face or idea as me again.

I'd recommend booting up the Japanese benchmark for PSO2 and altering the height in there:

You cannot use the current version of JP's character data however. You need the old 2011 - 2017 version of character data.

I test it out and tell you later but thanks for that info

You can thank the devs imposing a forced Height Restriction on the character creator. It's essentially prevented a majority of people from bringing their JP characters over because the devs don't believe our Minimum and maximum height should be the same as JP's.

Currently it is a hot topic and the community is fighting to get the devs to reverse this change.

More on that in this thread.

@Zizel That still doesn't explain the character data being limited after all the Japanese had some thing similar so i had to keep my character above 150 ,not on purpose, after hacking and and copying i got the character data of Alma, I know there was a post about it but it doesn't work anymore so I tried my best to get her data even don't I understand shit about it. and let me tell you she was originally a midget I needed to make it bigger or I could not use it in game but the load had the opportunity to make changes after loading

@coldreactive I test it out, it works and this is to all the people that move from JP to US Servers colrdeactive idea of the benchmark works. I still don't understand the limitation that happen before but whatever i get to be my character again.