Remove/Change - Challenge Mode

I vote to have Challenge Mode removed from the game. Its ok for the 1st week or two but in the end no one runs it, I know this for a fact. I would not mind if it had solo challenges if you can't find a group to party with, and most of the server is dead when I have time to play.

Why does it need to be removed though?... There's never a problem with more content- even if it's used infrequently. As of now- the challenge mode currency isn't really worth it. The items you can buy are not great- especially with how fast NA is moving. On top of that- challenge mode with randoms is often a wreck because they will take the currency at the checkpoints instead of the extra VR energy- and also kill the lillipans or won't know how to defuse the bombs.

But getting alliances together and running it can be fun. I think with some minor tweaks to the exchange shop it could be a lot more active.

To be honest, I disagree.

It gives the rogue-like challenge mode that most people enjoy, and if it isn't your cup of tea, there is other content.

Just don't play it. It's side content.

What an idiotic suggestion.

Just saying Challenge Mode needs to be removed or have changes made and I don't think it's an idiotic suggestion.

  1. Don't like how long the full quest run is.

  2. Hard to find runs in my play time.

  3. Would like to see maybe a Solo Mode for Challenge Mode.

  4. Easier way to get CM

No point in removing it completely. Changes? Sure, if needed.

  1. CM is supposed to be long, how is that an issue? Sounds like a "you" problem.

  2. Another "you" problem, if you're not in NA then gee, I wonder why you wouldn't be able to find people from your timezone, since most players are from NA.

  3. People have done CM solo on JP, it's possible. But there's no real point to do so since people only care for SG rankings and would rather get it over with.

  4. CM is LITERALLY where you get CM. Once again, another "you" problem for not wanting to do CM.

Instead of demanding changes, actually mention what's wrong with the actual mode instead of bringing your personal problems into it and making a thread out of it.

@animeregion Find a group you can play with. You can clear it with as little as 4 people. In fact, I've only ever ran challenge mode in a party of 4. And from what I understand, it's very much doable solo. You just have to know what you're doing. Challenge mode is good and helps people get better at the game since gear can't carry you. Gear is important, but player skill comes first. A decent amount of NA players prioritize gear progression over player skill progression. So you end up having someone with a Sigma weapon getting "King of Destruction" in TD Urgents even tho there are people with Nemesis weapons present. I'm inclined to tell you to "git gud".

I'd say my only issue with Challenge mode is it'd be nice to be able to invite partner characters for those who aren't comfortable playing solo and don't know anyone who plays.

As a final note, I'm tried CM a few times and am in NA, but due to health-related reasons, my sleeping schedule is all over the place and I'm not always playing at a "popular" time so I have only ended up playing it at least once.

I'd like to try it again, but definitely with more people at some point.

I do think more ways to get CM would be nice at least. People can say this is an optional mode, but someone may genuinely really like the weapon or are working on completing the compendium and it's not really as optional in that case ^^;

Revolucio weapons drop in SHAQs, and Ideal weapons are all now camos and don't qualify for the compendium, Soo...