Launcher Updates are ruining this game.

I'm not sure what is happening but it seems that the launcher for Win 10 has to be updated daily. Yesterday I took me over 5 hours to get this game to function. The day the Challenge missions dropped I waited for the update and shortly after was kicked off and had to do another update. Today I went to play and sure enough another update. I understand that this cross-platform multi-national game is a difficult project to maintain and SEGA is doing the best they can but the constant launcher updates are beginning to stress me out. It is getting to the point of checking my PC hours ahead of when I plan to play just so I can do anything. SEGA please do something to help PC gamer's play this . As it stands I have to open the Microsoft store, search for Phantasy Star 2 and launch the game from that screen. If I try the shortcut the game will not start. I am not criticizing PSO2 or SEGA I understand their task at hand. I would like just want to play the Game I am paying for. Not spend the only time I have left after work watching a launcher update. Thank you guys for letting me rant a little. Hope to see you in-game.

So... 4 weeks or so ago when the PC launch first happened, I was able to download the game, create my characters etc and play with no problem. The very next day when i went to log in to play, the game magically had disappeared. For the next 5 days of that week I went through cycles of playing and having to reinstall the game constantly (whether it be from crashes and unable to restart the launcher or that the launcher and game would magically vanish from my pc) sometimes twice a day! Now remember this is 93 Gigs of data we are taking here so it takes like 5 hours sometimes more to download and install. After about the second week my prayers were answered and the tweeker version was released for NA and after having to download the game yet AGAIN it finally began to work without any real issues.

I thought my prayers were answered but then, two days ago ... There was an update which I was able to download and play no problem but the very next day when i tried to log on I was prompted that a file was missing and that I had to reinstall the entire 93 gigs of game again! ok so i did that it took another 5 hrs or so but i was able to play the game after it was done. This morning I decided to log on, I got the same prompt as yesterday... a file is missing and I need to reinstall the 93 gigs of game again... I did, this took another 5 hours and then guess what? after launching from the tweeker it sent me to the pso2 launcher ! which began to download 93 gigs of the game yet again. If i quit this (because I just spent 5 hours downloading the game) as I did, it repeated the entire process again... Yes i did a complete uninstall before i tried the fresh install from the tweaker and yes i tried all the troubleshooting that was available. I think the thing is, enough is enough. I've played mmos older and newer than pso2 (i dont care who is at fault for all this) but i have never encountered even half the difficulty it takes to get this game to run. If i did not know better I would have thought it was their intention to discourage the PC market from playing the game. I am sorry, but trying to get this game to run smoothly on pc could not be more infuriating and aggravating if they tried.

Every time there is an update there’s always an issue. For some reason, it takes me HOURS to open the launcher to even download it. I’m switching to the Tweaker and I’m having trouble with it too. I have been so loyal to this game and I am getting so fed up lol.


It said 6 min left 1 hour ago. I just regret waiting until midnight to play.

@Legacy2610 I feel you, I’ve been trying to play for the whole day it’s ridiculous. They said there will be new ways to download the game somewhere in the near future. Hopefully this mess will be over.

I know it's a small thing. I am trying to use the Microsoft store version so I can get Achievements on my Live Profile(Silly I know but I like them) and that is why I haven't tried a third-party launcher. I have serious considerations about it though.

@Legacy2610 Actually, it still links with your xbox account. I was wondering the same thing if I would lose my account but nope! You still sign in with your xbox microsoft account, you just don’t install the game from the MS store, all your characters are still there!

@Alexa Nice thanks for the hope Alexa. I am going to hold out for another week. If I have to update 2 more time this week. I'm switching.

@Legacy2610 Ofc! Best of luck to you 🙂

pso2.jpg my friends getting this 😞

Just pray the "other platform" release is sooner then later. Hell, I'd even take Epic Store (which i currently refuse to use) over this garbage of a product that is microsoft store. If anything, they should be giving the playerbase compensation for this garbage experience cause by their failure of a delivery system.

PSO2 2.jpg

Hey guys time for the next update. That was quick.

@Nyhmfein "EMERGENCY! Code: Compensation!"