If you never played Pso2 (like myself) what do you think of the game?

If you never played the game before what do you think? Fresh prospective!

Those that have why would you want to play the NA game when you have history playing in the JP platform? Also why announce everything you think is coming to the community because you played the JP version. Why spoil the wonder for others........my personal opinion?

Few things here. First, As someone who knew about PSO 2 since before it released in JP but never played until now, I can say I really like this game. It's mix of new things and the nostalgia trip are really good.

Second, as for spoiling things, way too many MMOs out there have communities that spoil things months before they come to the West. Let me note an example or two. Blade and Soul West. They recently released a new story chapter. Guess what? Other than the translation, everyone interested saw it months ago in youtube. Same with new dungeons, classes and gameplay changes. This is one of the reasons why the western community have adopted a "learn before your first try" approach to MMOs and games like this one.

I fell in love with PSIV (First experience of the games) and the rest of the Phantasy Star games prior too and afterwards when it was bought for me by mistake (originally wanted Shining Force II - which was bought a short time after) back when I turned 12 in 93 - and will hold PS series higher than that of FF series; personal view point.

Love how they are not connected, but they are (loosely). Had PSO for the Dreamcast and the EP1&2 version for Gamecube, even had that awful keyboard... Wanted to jump into the JP version, just never had time due to work, family and a barrage of new and exciting, (yet horrible) medical conditions happening. Still I followed the best I could to keep pace and knowledge of what was happening. Sure I might be spoiling thing for myself - "Harry dies in the book!" Okay, great. How did he get to that point though? Not really a spoiler if the meat and potatoes are left out, hell not even a snack to nibble on, cause it is just empty phrase with no context. Although I do keep it to myself, since others might not want to be spoiled.

9 year JP vet here.

I'm playing NA because I've had numerous friends holding off for the NA version, and wouldn't join me on JP. That, and I wanna see and hear how everything was localized. Kind of like watching a dubbed anime after watching the sub.

Edit: NVM I read it wrongly and thought about in other meaning lol, nvm.

First game in years, that I've thoroughly enjoyed. I may have spoiled a little of it for myself by reading up on it, but I still find enjoyment, and the story is like an anime, so that's right up my alley.

@RainGnyu hot garbage tbh

1: You can afk ultimate quests for hours and loot after 2: Urgent quests u can also just afk and go vacuum your house 3: Repetitive action is a form of torture 4: Horrible game design... lack luster maps , more copy and paste. 5: RARE items? they dont rly exist 99.9% over the top amounts of garbage 6: WAY to easy, I have played a huge amount of mmos over the past 25 years,. This one is by far the most simple. 7: Guilds are pretty useless other then tree buff and guild shop for AQ

Loved PSO 1 , 2 and PSO online but something went wrong after that imo

The guy above has a unique perspective on this game. Not all that he is saying is false but if you just wanted to AFK your way to loot, why did you even decide to get this game in the first place? It is not super difficult that is a fact but I feel the challenge is appropriate for the combat style. When was the last time you heard someone talk about how difficult Diablo was, or WoW? They succeed because they are fun, not super difficult.

Right now this game is fun but I will say it currently lacks some options and feels a little bad compared to the JP version. That said by the end of this year we should be roughly caught up with JP and the added content will add a lot of nice options to this game. I thoroughly enjoy this game and it will be even better as we get the future episodes throughout the year.

@NeCrOmAnCiN Odd that you find this game easier and more repetitive than PSO1. I played the heck out of PSO1 and while I loved it and now can't look at it without my nostalgia glasses on, I know how repetitive and easy that game could become. I mean, I did Episode 2 boss online on Ultimate difficulty, solo, with just foie and resta on a tiny force numan girl. And that was supposed to be that game's strongest boss. I pretty much repeated the stuff on Ep4 blue burst with the desert boss. Though that was more challenging because the boss was more mobile and had more attacks. Still beatable solo by a nub like me. Leveling was a grind of the same 2 or 3 stages ad infinitum. The only challenge was to go there undergeared and underleveled.

So yeah, not surprising PSO2 is pretty much a continuation of PSO1 in more aspects than just lore. Perhaps we saw other, more competent games throughout the years and that elevates our perceptions and expectations of the current games we play?

I mostly play retro games, so with that in mind... I think the graphics are nice, I think the menu system is unintuitive, and the voice acting is so-so. I don't mind the repetitiveness because I really like the world design, but I'll probably go back to my offline games again soon because I don't see grinding for items and costumes fun in the long term. Not so much an issue with PSO2 specifically, I think I just prefer single player story games.

@ZorokiHanuke 100% dude " Perhaps we saw other, more competent games throughout the years and that elevates our perceptions and expectations of the current games we play?"

@Shiz1880 If they add content i would change my mind on some things ... my main gripe is when u see potential and its not utilized.

Thank you all for the comments and make sure to have fun and enjoy the game and the community. Pso2 is unique in itself a culture creation as my perspective goes.

I've played a bit, always told my friends "just wait til it's in NA it's bound to (soon)"... well. Maybe not as soon as I anticipated but it's finally here. I'm fine with starting over from scratch, and look forward to the new content that will release in time, as I stopped playing PSO2 JP before a lot of the major content updates released. (Even if I had maxed a handful of classes)