Feels like AC Scratches are just at random or is there a particular order there doing?

Is it just me or does it feel like AC Scratches are just random or is there some order too it? Like the promotional Scratches for example from the JP AC Scratch there was ones from Nier Automata , Fairy Tale , Persona 5 would those be coming into NA or was that just more of a JP exclusive? Just feels like there is no real order in place for these scratches so to clarify are the recent scratches just chosen at random or just in order? Im quite dumb to this stuff so help me people out there xD

NA seems to largely be picking them at random. My personal theory is that they're doing their best to pick the ones that they feel would appeal most to the NA audience (hence why we've been getting a lot of "cool" looking things like military gear, career line, and the edgelord darkness stuff and now knights). Whether or not we get collab scratches beyond other SEGA properties comes down to licencing and timing. With the NIER remake/remaster coming out we might well get the automata collab so keep an eye out for it.

I do hope NA will choose collab from other games, such as Nier automata, Fate series, Attack On Titan. They can't really miss this 3 if they want money badly lol.

yeah like i would love a collab scratch soon