As the topic stated these are builds for a friend. If you would like to use them yourselves then go right ahead.

Both builds use the same basic Ranger rings. There is very little change in the ring selection when it comes to the Ranger.

Left Hand | Right Hand

  • P Weak Bullet | P Keeper R
  • Jumping Dodge | Tech Arts PAPPS
  • Atomizer Lovers | Effort Symbol Ring
  • L Non Weak Bonus | Weak Hit PP Gain

The priority of the rings to use are as listed and situational.

The first build is for those who want focus on access to slayers for excellent damage boosts. The build is much more basic but basics work.

The second build is for Min-maxing this build is a able to clear mobs clean and fast and is able to use launcher bullets for status effects and PP save. The fighter skill Chaser Damage will have an easier time procing with the laucher bullets at the ready when you need them.

With both builds you will use traps to recover PP and can play more freely with Ranger. Since the fighter skills proc based on health missing you can take more risks to return higher rewarded damage.

When push comes to shove the Ranger/Fighter bites back with fierceness. Anything stand between you and your end goal will die in the hail of fire that you will undoubtedly bring down upon them.

Hope you all enjoy and have fun playing the way you want. Don't take any of my builds as the only way to play. Use them to come up with your own ideas and go beyond and prove that meta's only matter when you get lazy.