So, my pc rebooted earlier and the game wouldn't load again. "Ok, I've faced this problem for 2 damn weeks at launch. It's been fine, wtf?" I look in the folder and watch the files just delete themselves and now I have a brand new backup of the game I didn't fucking ask it to make.

Why in the hell is the game still auto nuking itself when you reboot?! Why is this still a problem? How many damn times do I have to reinstall? Cause I'm up to like 7 times now.

This is seriously ridiculous. Course, why not? Why shouldn't it be a pile shit? I remember 7 years ago when they updated the game and it was deleting peoples HDD files. So wtf else I should I expect really.. a fully functioning game. How silly of me.

Now, is there any way to restore the backup without having to make my 8th reinstall of the game? I was actually kinda enjoying playing with a couple friends while it was working.