Chao chao.. What happened?

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Has anyone wondered why there hasn't been a Chao chao in place of a rare rappy in our quests? Could it be that he may appear and offer a SUPER DUPER EXTRA HYPER RARE Weapon or even .. armor.? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?

I Think that I saw somewhere that they can be also attained as your Mag! OH YES PLEASE! I WANT ONE!

-Flashbacks to Chao garden intensifies-

Imagine having a Chao costume!

Why would you want to beat such a cute creature? Stare

@DDDDLife Sadly, there is no CHAO Mag in the game. (Neither JP nor NA version.) I have been dreaming for it to become a reality for years.

Was rocking a CHAO Mag on Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II. It's sad that me and my buddy haven't been reunited yet.

Al tough, I must admit I've been cheating with Red, Green, Purple and Blue Puyo Mags for some years now.

@SleeprunnerInc SEGA underestimates the peoples love for the Chao. Please, I beg them to make a Chao game so I can love all over them as I did in SA2.

@ErinXh Whoa what? No Chao mag in the whole history of PSO2?

Love for Chao? Count me in! 🙂

@ZorokiHanuke The only Chao reference in the whole game is one single accessory. No cameo appearance or mention other than the mask. (It's indeed strange considering the potential, they could do so much more with it.)

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@ErinXh Seriously. Chao was more loved than some of the Sonic Adventure main characters. That's money right there, and they are missing on it.

I would love nothing more than a chao mag! A regular, Dark, or Hero, or even beyond, any of it would be cool! It's the perfect kind of thing to turn into a mag device! They can fly, and are approximately the size of a mag relative to most characters, it really seems like a good match! I hope one day they'll make a chao mag of some sort! I really miss the chao garden...