For PC players( too late ? )

Will they ever bring back OLD scratch ticket for PC players ? ALOT of pieces in market but most are Overpriced.. at least bring back all SCRATCH before pc release for 1 week for us 😞

@EuskadiBlackfyr I'm pretty sure they will come around again. Or they may be added to a general AC scratch that will have all old ones in there minus holiday and seasonal ones probably. We do have a general AC scratch but as far as what's in it I have no idea.

@EuskadiBlackfyr They will be back around. Likely not in their original format but JP has had items repeat as filler in a new scratch ticket. Crimson Dawn and all its items will likely never come around again as a total package but outfits from time to time will as parts of other scratches as will accessories.

As Shiz said above me, AC scratch items come back as filler often in the later JP scratches might take longer for us to get repeats but we can sit and hope. There is also and I forget what shows up and it could just be items we got from mission pass but special costume package like scratches during New Years? I didn't exactly follow scratches other than the collab ones on JP very well but I remember some outfits making a comeback as like a set box.

Also with the repeats some will get more alt colours which you can get them with.