The UQ scheduling the last few weeks has been... poorly thought out.

I'm finding it really strange that right now, for a service that's supposed to be for North America, the UQ schedule is not very North American friendly with regards to UQs in primetime.

For the sake of definining primetime, we'll go with 2 PM until 10 PM pacific time in order to cover both the west and east coasts, although I'm being a little generous. (5 PM - 1 AM eastern time) In general the primetime window for both regions together would be about 5 - 7 PM pacific / 8 - 10 PM eastern)

For the last three days, this has been the UQ schedule between these times:

Wednesday: 8 PM PT (11 PM ET) VR Planet Battle Training

Thursday: 9 PM PT (Midnight Fri. ET) VR Planet Battle Training

Friday: 8 PM PT (11 PM ET) A Blackened Kingdom

For reference, Monday doesn't look much better either: 8 PM PT (11PM ET) A Blackened Kingdom

As featured UQs seem to be limited to the actual schedule (ie. they don't seem to pop up at random) this is pretty terrible to say the least. IMn my opinion, there should be at least 1 UQ in there in the 3 - 5 PM PT slot. In normal circumstances (ie. Pretending COVID-19 doesn't exist for a second) a good chunk of players would have been able to do a whopping zero UQs so far. This seemed to be the common theme for the first week of the previous schedule as well, where Magatsu and Wind/Rain were primarily scheduled towards the end of those primetime hours. The second week of that run was better with those UQs being scheduled in the 3 - 4 PM PT time slot as well.

Looking at this week's schedule though, it had me thinking, "This schedule is supposed to be geared towards NA players, right?" Honestly it seems more beneficial to our friends in EU and JP right now and not for the region that this version of the game is supposed to be serving.

So my suggestion would be to consider looking at scheduling more UQs towards NA primetime hours. (Starting no earlier than 2 PM PT and no later than 9 PM PT) The current schedule in general just doesn't work out for a good chunk of NA players.

There's like 3+ threads about this in the last day