Slave Weapon Name Change

@Machenta19 For the time being and probably forevermore it's "raven" and that's it. The game is over. Move along. I'm the snowflake and you're triggered. Cool. Have a nice life.

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@Machenta19 You're just mad (and for what really?). You'll get over it. Or not. I don't care.

I'm mad because of snowflakes like you trying to change everything because you can't leave your safe space without being offended.

And before you call me racist like people like yourself would, I'm a PoC too.

If it makes more people comfortable-- what's the issue?

I think people pushing for it to be changed is pretty silly for a number of reasons, but it's a really minor change that doesn't affect me. If Sega wants to change it to avoid backlash, then that's really up to them. It's still my weapon whether it's a "Slave" or a "Raven" lol

Hey look, more censorship. I wonder what else will get changed to appease people. I keep making notes every time I see it. If we just had the flavor text, all the weapons would be in proper context, and this would be a non issue. But I guess that's too much to ask. We will instead just keep moving further and further away from a 1-1 translation/release of the game, and wind up with something entirely chopped, and cut because some child might, or has gotten offended.

Weird im black and i never noticed the name it just fade pass me.

@Cloudonpot Yeah cause context matters right?

Raven Shooter sounds as bad as Slave shooter.

those poor birds.

I could tell this when its started. On the one side, you have narrow minded people who think that the (slave) name of a weapon is offending.

On the other hand, as soon as it is changed, it paves the way for the anti - censorship - people to complain.

No matter what is done to this game, someone will come up to complain about it...

Is this an american thing? Once again i feel deeply embarressed. Nobody needs to wonder if Sega refrains from ever releasing a game outside of Japan...

@Scerms77 America is currently extremely pro censorship in the name of not offending everything and people who aren't left leaning tend to hate that.

The issue is it tends to creep up in all forms of media with no places to escape it. Its also really pointless.

Fact of the matter is, the people who would get offended that the word "Slave" was in the game would most likely never play a game like this in the first place.

Anti-Censorship people calling other people snowflakes, my lord the irony.


Gamers are really the most oppressed minority obviously.

The best we can all hope for is to do as Gandhi says.. "Be the world you wish to see." ..and let the Laws of Nature adjudicate accordingly.

Or on a slightly less pessimistic level. Brush your teeth. Don't kick puppies. And be a decent human being god dammit. ;~)

o/ =^.^=

Remove the summoner class! It's using slave labor of pets to fight enemies for us. This is highly inapprorate and needs to be removed. If we can't stand the sight of a bath scenes and a name on a weapon then clearly we need to remove the slave trainer class that sends out slave pets to do our work for us. Let's go the whole nine yards here and just remove anything and everything even the tinyiest bit offenesive. We can't have let people have hurt feelings over a couple decriptions for a weapon that we use to mass slaughter other alien beings with. Just remove everything that's upsets anyone. It's all fair and just right. No mean words, no mean slavers swinging their nasty weapons and pets around massing killing everything.

Gotta say, these threads are a treat if you have popcorn. So much fair discussion, and no logical fallacies at all anywhere.

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I appreciate the name change to Raven. "Slave" is not a good place really in any context.

Boo hoo, it's a word in the English dictionary, get over yourself. Maybe you should look up the weapon series details and know why it was called Slave

Wut details?

It's literally on the first page of the thread.

Weapons have flavor text in JP [idk why this wasn't brought over]. The Slave weapon's text is

''A sealed devil weapon from an early era. The user's hardships will call the power of destruction sealed within.''

The implication of calling the weapons "Slave" weapons is because we're slaves to the dark power within them.