Is this game worth it

Its been over 24 hours since i installed PSO 2, four hours to install it, restarted my PC and it refused to load any further than the launcher, I checked the files and when that didn't work I tried going into settings to repair and then reset, neither of which seemed to be doing anything other than making sure it no longer loaded at all and wasted a further two hours.

I reinstalled it this morning and it worked fine but when I got home and loaded the game back up the account login was nothing but a grey empty pop-up, I waited but it never loaded so I quit out and now I'm back to square one with the launcher refusing to load. After several attempts I'm now getting update.exe error messages and Im worried my only option is to reinstall the game again.

Is this game really worth another reinstall? I'd like to avoid it if possible, otherwise Im giving up till they wake up and simplify this process.

No need to frustrate yourself over this, i would just say wait for this game to release on other platforms and many hope its Steam before end of year. If you look around reddit or the forums people are using the PSO2 tweaker and it helped most people get in the game. You can google the PSO2 tweaker there should be some guides on youtube aswell, try that if it wont work just wait.

Thank you

After a another restart it seems to have just started running on its own and is updating at the moment, still its a lot of work just to play an 8+ year old game. I may just take your advice and stick with waiting, at least until it has a better release outside the US and I can actually buy a character slot or two because three just feels odd, In PSU I at least had four.