German/EU Alliance (Ship 3) - Shadowflame recruiting

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce me and my Alliance.

Shadowflame is a small group of tight-knit Online Players (some that've turned into IRL Friends over the Years decades that have been around since the early Days of FFXI). We used to be a German only Alliance, but over the Years we've decided to also open our doors to all kinds of Players from all over the World. Obviously i don't decline anyone outside of the EU, but i'm saying EU here, because that's usually the easiest way to find others around our own timezone (which ist CEST+0-2:00).

We've started our Alliance with the PC release and kept it German only at first to see how the initial Hype of the NA Version of the Game would play out. After nearly a Month we've got a good idea of the situation and decided to finally open doors to everyone.

Speaking of that, we have 2 ways of Communicating.

We do own a Teamspeak Server (since 2004) which is German only, and for PSO2 we've also created a Discord Channel to inform you of upcoming UQs, News and offer you various other ways of getting together. I'm fairly new to Discord, but i'm learning and constantly improving on what to add to Discord.

To get more into what our Alliance has to offer ~ We're mainly focusing on Casual~Mid - core Players. Some of us might play it more religiously, others might not, but generally speaking, we're a semi-casual Alliance. If you're interested in a laid back group, which doesn't take everything to serious (and we expect the same of you, no sticks up your ass) feel free to look up our Alliance via the Visiphone > Display currently recruiting Alliances > Display in Order of Name > look around the letter S to find Shadowflame, or simply send me a private message on this Forum or replay with your ID.

Don't be shy, we are a chill Group that simply likes to play games and we'd love to share that feeling with others.Sometimes getting together and making Friends for "possibly" a long time ahead of you is a great way to enjoy Games.

Ich bin zwar in einer anderen EU Alliance kannst bzw könnt mich aber gerne als Freund hinzufügen PlayerID: "Roya"

lil push.we're still welcoming everyone as a casual friendly're also very welcome if you're more active since some of us are.