I want to be famous! Remember my name!

So.. how does one become famous? I am not trying to be arrogant. So why buy clothes? why do we obtain the best weapons? And why do we quest for the rarest of things, If not to be noticed ..

Help me in my quest to be famous?

Become famous by being the first to reach 1m post on the forum.

May the most worthy win!

Jokes aside I do it for the feeling of progression and self-pride. The feeling of grinding to obtain something with low odds is a joy of nostalgia.

Fame holds no worth to me, good luck in your quest.


Clothing is my krytonite; being fashionable is self-expression.

Monkey's paw: You are now famous for all of the wrong reasons.

Honestly though, being famous isn't very important. If you stick around long enough somewhere, people will know of you regardless.

It's good to focus on being known for being someone good than just rushing to fame for whatever means.

@RainGnyu said in I want to be famous! Remember my name!:

So why buy clothes? why do we obtain the best weapons?

To make the game easier and look great while doing it. What's fame got to do with that? 😛

People must be in quarantine again with posts like these.

Fame is fleeting.

Stupidity is forever.

If you want to be famous, do something so incredibly stupid that everyone will remember you a thousand years in to the future.

I am on block 42! My home! Ship one!

Also why not checkout my room my name in game is Ginyu. Maybe if I shout my name out enough it will make me famous? The guild or alliance I am in is Great! STAR FIGHTERS!

Plus I love you all! Love this community! Real cool people in this game!

Now if you advertise the ship you're on, you complete the holy trinity of stardom.

Location, Shamelessness, nice hair.

@RainGnyu Fixed and Thank You! On the real!

@XUL Fixed and Thank you on the real!

And here I was going to play along and make a Recoome character if you were Ship 2, what a disaster.