Host an NA Cosmetic Design Contest

The Japanese servers have an annual player cosmetic design contest, and I'd love to see that brought to the North American ones. With the creativity and talent I've seen through all the symbol arts and fan art, I personally can't wait to see what would come out of an event like this.

This would be great! I loved these events on JP, it was always so fun to see what people would come up with, but I wished I could submit my concept art to one as well. It would be a dream come true to have an event that NA players can participate in.

that would be very cool

As long as it isn't used as an excuse to not bring certain other cosmetics to NA. If it's not taking anythings place- the more the merrier.

@MoldyAsp33874 I agree on this and I hope we will still get those as well if this does happen.

Even just making it an International Design Contest could work.

I wouldn't mind seeing an international design contest, but it sounds like a nightmare for the already strained support team. If they can manage it, it could be a great way to learn what works in all the audiences.