Alliance recruit Ship 2: -Ragnarok- (Rank 3 Alliance)!

Alliance recruit Ship 2: -Ragnarok- Alliance Leader: Hyder

Ragnarok is part of a 4 alliance allegiance family on ship 2 (Block 25) Other Alliances are Legacy, Port Mafia & Calming

🔸Level 5

🔹Tree Buffs(Max):

🔸95+ active members

🔹Recommended that you have at least one class level 80+

🔸Veteran players able to teach members

🔹Daily parties for Urgents, daily/weekly/tier missions, buster quests

🔸Weekly trigger raid parties of 12 members

🔹 Joint Fashion shows for prizes with huge prizes

🔸 Alliance Point Event for meseta prizes

🔹 Alliance meetings every 2-3 weeks to review details, events, promotions and more

🔸 Must be active (7 day requirement) and have a positive attitude

🔹 Mic and discord required

🏵Join our discord first to be invited to alliance in game!

🎧Discord link:





Updated information, we now have a group chat with legacy and portmafia, with 300 people you should always be able to find a party for something!

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