Help understanding how Sega and Microsoft can afford this.

Can someone help me understand how Sega and Microsoft can go this long with their launcher still being a problem? Wouldn't anyone less than hardcore be long gone by now? Without a huge marketing push how can the fans try and get other's onboard through word of mouth if it isn't even guaranteed to work? Everyone can tell each other to download the tweaker all they want, but Sega and Microsoft are not going to get casual players that way. Is this their way of giving up success, requiring fan intervention just like their other franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog? If anyone has any incite into the daily active users or retention of this game, I'd love to know.

Due to minimal amounts of effort, resouces were saved, because an international project with a japanese company is an arduous task long term. I'm sure the deal already paid itself through microtransactions by now, so I can't really think that player retention is that important.

Once NA is equalised with JP they can employ minimum personell to deal with the odd tickets coming in and SEGA handles all the content creation.

Of course I don't know how it actually looks like behind the scenes, but i have seen this exact thing happen, whete i did actually have behind the scenes information and this has the same symptoms of such a deal.

@Macmaxi Thank you for giving me this perspective. I really hope the toughest part is out of the way (localization and economy). It seems that the people who have invested still want to keep coming back, so I suppose that is a testament to a strong core loop. Perhaps they are fine having a very dedicated fan base at the moment to do a hard push on other platforms by a strong event or episode release.