Levelling up is such a drag in this game

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Got curious and tried it myself. Went from 67 to 68 in about 20 minutes doing 4 Hardcore Magatsu runs repeatedly to train up my Bouncer levels, using all my best exp boosters which as you say, do not diminish at all. This may be slow, but looking at it from a pure soloist perspective of exp gain rate vs time, its a fast option once good at it. This makes me very happy as a way to level both classes and rings if I'm in a solo play mood.

Thanks for sharing this!

Story PD(profound darkness) gives similar results for those who don't like dealing with magatsu. It can be harder and slower, or easier and faster depending on class used and how familiar you are with the fight though.

Edit: Here's a screenshot done on pso2day with +600% exp total and level 65 scaling storypd

Ok. so I haven't done hardcore PD because I was stopped by level 80 hardcore gemini. How do you get it to scale to your level?

That's weird, because the only story quests currently in NA that scale to 80 on hardcore regardless of your level are the last 2 EP3 CH4 quests.

EP3 CH3, Story PD (and the double/gemini before that) scales to minimum of 60 if you're below 60, and scales to whatever level you are if you are above 60.

EP3 CH1, Story Magatsu scales to minimum 40 if you're below 40, and whatever level you are if you're above 40.

Edit: I don't remember EP3 CH2 double/gemini fight's minimum scaling on hardcore, but I do know they still scale to your level if you're above the minimum. (I personally double checked before posting this.)

@Misuran Really odd indeed. In my case, from Gemini onwards, it's all straight 80 (Meaning Gemini, never done PD because couldn't beat Gemini, then both fights in lilipa). They are level 80 even if using a level 1 character, and I first tried it when my max level on my whole account was around 55 or so. Or would it be that something more recent made them scale now? I saw a video of some max level guy doing the last fight using the robot, and he had to solo plow through what I'd assume was around 2 million HP to beat that boss.

Its not that bad to lvl I find it fun

Well I just tried the Gemini/PD fight and NOW it scaled. I wonder what changed it. The other two remain level 80 though.

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Yes it is story magatsu, not only does story allow you to use boosters, but they also don't run out so you dont actually have to waste a lot. It is tedious, but personally i think all mmo's have tedious levelling so being able to shorten it drastically is neat. I didn't do this for my main character and it requires a somewhat specific setup, so if anything this isn't what you are gonna end up with, considering Fighter is so much better at Magatsu than most other classes. I did waste a lot if time though you can definitely save like an hour or two.

Theoretically i wanted to be able to post a video, but the rendering takes about 13 hours, god bless my old cpu and 60gb of video files.

What sort of set up are you using? I was thinking of making a Fighter Alt ( giving myself a reason to spend 500AC on a slot to help with daily farming down the line ) and honestly HAD PUG groups for Advance Quests, so this has my interest.

I used some 60 M-ATK Set early on that had better requirements (S-DEF) and switched to my regular 110 M-ATK Ray-Set afterwards (DEX requirement). For weapons i used some throwaway weapon early (i think i used an 11* Weiss Comet) and switched to my regular Nemesis Weapons afterwards (150 M-ATK Knuckles and 90 M-ATK Daggers).

The affixes don't really matter here, i will say though, that race and class title bonus can make a difference here of when you are able to equip the Nemesis weapons. Important part here is that you get the M-ATK ups in the HU-Tree first (i used 3-3-10).

Use this recording of mine for reference, slow it down in the first part or something.

@Macmaxi lmao that's quite a good time to be fair nice to know u can just do it solo.

The aged execution is off, but I like the way leveling in the VHAQs work. I just wish it wasn't, yknow, launcher focused. What I do like is leveling through pure non-stop gameplay, and by having a system (PSE) that rewards quick and effective play and provides some tension. In a way it reminded me of FFXI and the old EXP Chain system way back in the day, not as good, but that's life.

FFXIV is a very good game, heavily to its Heavensward and beyond campaign making up for all of the missteps of post-XI Final Fantasy storytelling but its leveling can be tedious due to the extreme wait times and WoW-itis doing damage to its system design and combat.

Anything that ducks the WoW-itis and doesn't force me to solo quest repeat or wait in long queues to run an eventless dungeon earns a gold star.