Levelling up is such a drag in this game

For real the experience gain is horrible when you cannot have 3 more people for advanced quests.As much as in FFXIV it can take a while,at least it rewards you with enough experience with dunegons and a myriad of alternative ways. Right now its basically spam the same quests until the end of times.. I hope this gets better with time.

Once we get bonus quests they award you with quite a jump in experience (Tokyo Gold primarily). Very quick and at your level automatically - quite nice rewards as well 🙂

Until Bonus Keys and daily recommended leveling quests, it's going to be like this...

I tend to just take it easy, since I haven't decided to spend money on NA or not. Mostly just doing dailies for meseta and going UQs to build excube stash. With about of 2 weeks of gaming, only 1 lv75 and 1 lv68 subclass + another lv50 that's going to be my next class. Have 2 alts both in the 50s doing the SH level dailies for more meseta to support my main.

Yeah but until then its absolutely horrible. I may take a break and only get in for events until we get more levelling methods tbh.

@Morgothryuzaki I do agree though it is a chore to level other classes. Mind you, I'm finding it more of a chore on JP somehow - not sure why

I mean at least in here you don't have to wait years for DPS Q's unlike XIV lol. That said, I miss Arks rally...

@Tomoe I'd rather than and gain good exp than rerun the same shit for hours that gives almost no exp..

AQ ark boost has ended there is no reason for people to run them now

I mean... is there that much of a hurry to level the other classes? I know each title confers a small stat boost that can add up, but it's not like being 75 in more than a couple is required for anything. It feels like the time is better spent keeping on top (or for some of us on PC, getting there!) of rolling content and the level thing can happen naturally as you go.

I also agree that the pace of solo vs human group leveling has a very wide gap. As a group, people can get a full set of 75's in mere days without even using event buffs. The game basically tells you "Here's all this solo content, but you need a constant party of human players to get there." But I'm more stubborn than this game. I'll keep banging my head solo against this game until it gives me that lv 75 ding sound. because I prefer to spend a ridiculous time at it than trying to restart my failed social skills.

So I know my slowness is on me and I don't complain about it.

Getting a group for leveling would help since the additional boost granted from having a 4 human group. I forget the actual numbers of the boost compared to 3 NPCs, but it helps.

I can only add that PSO2 is more of a marathon than an actual race. It's okay to slow down, we're getting quality of life updates in the future for leveling.

Take care, fellow ARKs!

Yeah but XIV is still a drag to level because of the timers, also it didn't have a bunch of ways to level in 2.0 release.

We been spoiled by Rally tbh. I could get 3 levels on the main class and now I barely hit 1 level on Floating Facility VHAQ lol.

It's way faster than leveling in most MMOs I've played on their release, or close to release.

The original PSO was easy to level, but when they introduced level 200 on GameCube.....

the only time i found it a drag was when leveling subclasses. i actually looked for ways to slow down my leveling because its so fast i got overleveled for all the content i was planning to do one by one (subquests) back then this was a requirement you can easily max out in just a few days