Cookie Question for candy box.

Am about to add cookies to my melon candy box. I was going to add casting cookies +3 *3 . But then I noticed the deftness cookie. Should I place the dex cookies instead for when phantom is released? 😊 Any more knowledgeable Summoner assistance is appreciated.

we wont get phantom till December, to be fair I'm using the Casting cookies and hoping we get the Tech spi cookies (which give tech power and PP) in August, plus even with phantom you would not be using the dethness cookies anyways they are not worth it.

But you use what you want who am I to tell you what to play

I thought I heard the tech spi were a white day event, if so we wont see them in august.

i don't think tech-spi cookies were even added until episode 6, though my memory might not be totally accurate. at any rate, you should be correct that we won't see them for at least several months, and even if we do, replacing your existing cookies is a fairly trivial cost. i also agree with blacki's assessment that dex cookies aren't really worth it

@lilpandaTina Yeah I did not play the JPN version but just from what I read it was an event maybe we will maybe we wont who know's

I did see pietro has stam/spirit cookies so I think ill put out the plain spirit and insert those for now. he also had spirit/dex... sigh

Use casting cookies. There is no reason to use DEX cookies as Phantom Mag only applies to, well, your Mag's stats.

can anyone list what candy stackable and what not ? like the one increase your pet attack each enemy defeat do they stack

@lilpandaTina again not worth it tech/pp only

Resurrecting this thread with a question..

Do different pet PAs use different stats for their damage? For example, are there pet PAs that deal damage dependent on their MEL Pwr stats, rather than their TEC or RNG stats?

The only thing I can find in-game about pet attacks and PAs is their potency, but it doesn't tell me anything about how the various Pwr stats affect the final damage output for different pet attacks. Is it cumulative? Does one matter more than the others? Is it different for different PAs?

I have no idea what cookies to put in my sweet box, because I have no idea how it will affect damage output.

I did a little testing myself, just with regular auto attacks, and putting in 3 MEL Pwr cookies actually did slightly less damage than 3 TEC Pwr cookies. This seems odd to me because aren't normal attacks also melee attacks? If just boosting TEC Pwr is the best for damage output with melee attacks.. then what's the point of MEL Pwr cookies?

@Gurgles Pet attacks and PAs all work off of the same Pwr stat, depending on which one you have active.

By default, it is TEC-Pwr. If you use Pet Switch Strike, it is MEL-Pwr. If you use Pet Switch Shoot, it is RNG-Pwr.

Regardless of what Pwr stat is used, for multipliers, the attacks will always count as Tech-based attacks (but not as actual Techs).

OK, that's good to know! So, since I have not used switch strike, it's utterly pointless and a complete waste for me to put any Pwr stats in my candy box except for TEC. I wish this was more obvious!