How Important is Staying Airborne?

I recently switched my ranged character to Gunner. I hated it at first and wanted it to be more like Ranger, but now that I've gotten used to it I think it's actually one of my favourite classes. I'm currently lvl 68 Gu/Hu.

In all the guides I've read, they pretty much talk about staying airborne most of the time, but I don't see the benefit of this except that it removes the step from some attacks/PAs. Is there something I'm missing?

I'm getting the hang of staying airborne a fair amount, but I probably spend about the same amount of time on the ground. Right now I'm no good at moving while in the air, so I'll jump up before I start attacking things but if I need to reposition I find myself having to go back to the ground. Am I missing out on something by not staying in the air longer?

Also, as an aside I can't seem to find Grim Barrage, anyone have any idea where the disk drops?

no, i think you have the gist of it. attacking more means being airborne more, as one of your main damage PAs (satellite aim) is significantly slower on the ground. it's also easier to avoid the extended stylish roll in the air. but landing occasionally doesn't penalize you the way it does on twin daggers afaik

forest hard seems to drop grim barrage at level 9

Yes, staying airborne is key for Gu (Gunner). Since they can use PAs (Photon Arts) faster in mid-air. On the ground they tend to be slower at using PAs since it got extra frames. Which would put you in a bad spot when fighting bosses. S-Roll (Stylish Roll) is another thing that you must get use to as well. Since it has I-Frames. The third S-Roll makes your character slow-mo but has a really long I-Frame. Advance players tend to not use the third part of the S-Roll because its slow and will ruin their setup of CT (Chain Trigger) or whatever they are doing.

Reposition in mid-air can be done by just Normal Attack + Directional Input.

Grim Barrage can be purchase in the Player Shop via Visiphone. Prices vary depend on what ship you are on. Lowest Price Lv.15 on ship 3 is about 14k. Which is the ship I'm on.

@lily-rain @Tsheej

Thanks. I had noticed that a lot fo the PAs seem to be faster in the air, I've been working on trying to use stylish roll and normal shoot to reposition without landing, and it seems to be coming along. I still need a lot of practice though.

Another annoyance I have is when I end up putting my chain trigger on a boss and the part it's attached to breaks and my trigger disappears. What should I do in these situations? Save my chain trigger until after the bosses parts are broken? Just trigger it with a shorter chain so it still gets used?

If there is a weak point that is covered by a breakable part. Either wait till the breakable part is broken or you can CT (Chain Trigger) to half about 35-45. If there is there is too much damage done to it don't bother CT on that part. because it'll just be a waste.

Things you need to think about before deciding to use CT (Chain Trigger).

  • Is the breakable part is easily broken?
  • How much damage is done to the breakable part?
  • How high should I CT on that Part?

Another thing, S-roll builds up CT a lot faster than just normal attack. Just don't use the slow-mo S-Roll (3rd part of the S-Roll). When you CT the Boss and it moves away from you. Use Grim Barrage to get close and S-roll. So that it wont finish its attack when getting close to your CT.