How to get enough dex too use nemesis wand at 75

Other than using a dex mag how do I get enough dex too equip the nemesis/slave wand. It needs 470 dex and at 74 with M-atk mag I have 449. I’m told te/hu needs too use m-atk mag?

what level is your subclass? te/hu should have enough dex at 75/75

@lily-rain Actually, without the Bo or Br Title Bonuses, not even a CAST Te/Hu can equip Nemesis or Slave at lv75/75, they would be 8 DEX shy of the 470.

you're right, i forgot. what AndrlCh is referring to is that you get 30 additional dex from titles for reaching level 75 each on Bo and Br

My hunter is 75

@DrakelKaida Then, yeah, your only option is to level either Bouncer or Braver to level 75 to get the extra 30DEX from their Title Bonus.

Braver and BO?

@DrakelKaida Either. Each will give you 30DEX, both will net you 60.

Sorry bouncer is bo... dang I’ll just stick with RA/HU kinda liked Fo and Te but I’m better at ranged classes. But thanks for all the help it’s much appreciated.

you could also just put dex in your mag temporarily and remove it later with level down devices. it will cost you 5 excubes per level of dex to be removed

And I can level BR or BO on another character because titles are account bound?

I'd imagine both the "DEX class" title boosts would certainly help. Another possibility is to use Summoner as your subclass and dump skill points into the DEF/DEX boost skills. Think it'll suck up like 15 points total between the two but that might give you enough. I'd imagine it will make that particular "build" of Summoner fairly useless as a main class, though.