Re-configuring the SG model

Hello--and apologies if this is a dupe thread or if similar issues have already been brought up before!

PSO2NA's monetization model is something I and many other friends have had issues with, so much so that many have sworn off playing because it gates them from an aspect of the game that they loved to delve into on JP--fashion!

For those unaware, JP's servers do not have nearly as many cosmetics obtained via SG. The only cosmetics obtained via SG are done so through SG scratches, which operate the same as AC or FUN scratch, the only catch is that the items are not tradeable/marketable, though they can be traded in at the Recycle Shop (Swap Shop) for badges that can be used to obtain other goods. As well, there is the Treasure Shop, where things ranging from cosmetics to emotes to triggers can be purchased for SG and meseta, but the prices are far more lenient and they have never put entire costumes in the shop. This was presumably replaced by the Fresh Finds for NA.

It is my hope that the current model for SG is a temporary one until the NA servers sees itself entirely caught up with JP's volumes of cosmetics, because as it stands it's nigh impossible for any one person to obtain all, or at least a lot of the desired, cosmetics without digging their wallet out to purchase SG. Many items put in the Fresh Finds and Mission Pass's Gold tier were items that were part of an AC scratch, meaning those items were tradeable/marketable and anyone could obtain them so long as they had the meseta to do so.

And on the matter of the Mission Pass, I very much hope they consider adding two tickets so that a player may bind the accessory/hair/etc to their account--or make the ticket account bound to begin with. I'm immensely disappointed I can't have the head-mounted Luther on all my characters like I have him on JP!

It is my hope that the current model is temporary, as I said, but my hope does wane seeing the excessive use of SG 'sales' with cosmetics and emotes put into packs which may be called 'sales' but are releasing for the very first time. Many friends also theorize these sales will return, but we've yet to see any (especially ones debuted during the Xbox-only period) return at all. The lack of transparency on the SG model and other various monetization models in the NA server leave me and my friends feeling uneasy about re-obtaining items on the NA server (and whether or not things we have on JP will be readily accessible at all without pulling our wallets out) so I hope that its current model will be reconsidered and perhaps, shifted to fit JP's model more closely, if not adapted in its entirety.

Thank you for reading and again, I hope it will be considered.

Yes, I also hope that this is temporary. The cash price of SGs, and the cost of items in SGs, makes sense if the rate at which you're obtaining them in-game is similar to the JP version. But some of the exchanges to obtain them were removed in NA or haven't arrived yet. Thus, the cash value of what you're paying for in Fresh Finds and SG sales ends up being unreasonable. I understand wanting to encourage people to invest in the game and put more value in SGs, but I think that the current model in NA has gone too far in the opposite direction.

Also, yes, transparency in whether these cosmetics will come back around would be appreciated.