Hu/Su dps question

Hello I'm new to PSO and im a Hunter (75) main and summoner (75) sublclass. I put my main focus into guard stance and the benefits while adding to my perfect attack bonus since I'm using a sword ( a gix 24+) with 6 different stats it's also got a date boost that cycles passively. I have roughly 1900 melee attack and all my defense are sitting at 1700 + with my health and pp at 1340/144. My armor is maxed and I'm still affixing a few things on one piece. My sword is only a sliver worse than some 20 million swords I've seen for sale. Anyway I was doing an extreme urgent quest and I spawn into chrome dragon solo. I'm hitting his weak points for 20k per perfect attack 10-13k on non weakspots and my cross cut hits for upwards to 100k at times. Is this good dps? I'm not using a mag much but will start to get in the habit. I drop summoner mark every 5 seconds and it's enhanced so I get aoe damage on mobs. Thanks for the help.

iirc enhanced mark just boosts damage to any hitzone of the single enemy with summoner's mark applied, not damage within an aoe of the mark

it'd be difficult to do a numbers comparison without imitating your exact setup, but summoner sub should be competitive with brave stance fighter sub in single target boss damage on paper, albeit weaker than wise stance. you also lose some PP efficiency on PAs, and the techs you gain aren't necessarily more useful than the tools you already have

I'm a Summoner main that recently got a slave sword drop, so I started playing Hunter (currently at lvl67). I'm a Hunter noob but here's my info for your comparison:


  • MEL mag lvl200
  • Brissa+10 unit set
  • Slave Calibur+20
  • No augmenting done
  • Skill tree is just fury stance, melee power up, and sword focus.


  • HP 1015
  • PP 148
  • MEL Pwr 2915
  • RNG Pwr 895
  • TEC Pwr 921
  • DEX 537
  • MEL Def 1511
  • RNG Def 1465
  • TEC Def 1478

VS Rockbear Damage (Practice):

  • Normal Attacks 1>2>3: 16,000>14,000>24,000
  • Hitting head with Normal Attacks 1>2>3: 26,000>25,000>35,000

My Hu/Su situation: I still have 15 unused skill points to spare, because I'm thinking about putting some into Auto-Mate Half and Iron Will for survivability.. but I actually haven't needed any survivability so I'm holding off. Against mobs I just spam Guilty Break PA to get in and if whatever I hit doesn't die,1 or 2 normal swings will finish the job. Against bosses I add Blaze Parry PA, and uncharged Megiverses for full heals (I don't use mates).

I imagine this will all change when I reach lvl70 and start playing Extra Hard difficulty, but right now I'm just smashing stuff with a big sword.