A request, for the fresh finds shop ...

I'm not a huge fan of the fresh finds shop as it is but even more so annoyed that all the female hairstyles and clothes get the most love. I know the audience... Female characters get the most costume options for a reason and I get it, I really do, but I would like to see more Unisex options in the store. I play a otokonoko main character so I'm not asking for truly "masculine" clothing (although I'm pretty sure there are plenty of players male and female who would appreciate them.) It's just every time I look in the shop there is nothing I want to spend my SG on (save for the very rare accessory) and since it has an expiration time anyway I have an anxiety of it going to waste. Unisex items are always a deal maker for me. I would like to see more of them that way everyone regardless of what gender of character can benefit from the store. Right now its slim pickings for those of us who roll male, even if they are 男の娘. Thank you for reading my request. Regardless if it will be taken into consideration or not.

Most of the fresh finds are direct port of older JP stuff where things are gender specific. Alot of the newer hairstyles are unisex and outfits have male and female versions of the same style. On the last PSO2 Station, they announced maid outfits for male characters.

I think SEGA is slowly moving away from the gender split, last 2 ARKS census did not include character gender or height anymore (and no more fem bust size census). Heck... the most recent one doesn't even have race anymore, less and less info on the census.

As for the last census that did show gender, it's like 30% male characters and 70% female characters. At least male characters gets to enjoy much cheaper fashion items.

@HarmlessSyan Thank you for this information. I still poke my head in to get an accessory here or there, but mostly spend my SG on salon or skill sheet swapping. I still have my fingers crossed tho.