Alliance Question

If you are already in an alliance and send a application to a new alliance. What is the process for that? Will you still be notified if accepted? Or do you have to leave the alliance first to get the notification. I just don't want to leave the alliance that I'm in now with the risk of not being able to rejoin if I don't get accepted

well they can't send you an alliance invite if you're already in another alliance if that's what you were asking. Though I'm sure some would try to contact you first before sending an invite. The application itself shows up in the Leader's and officer's mail. from there they get the player ID of the applicant, which they can do a Arks search at the Visiphone. Which after that they can either send a whisper if you're online, or try to send an invite.

They "can" send an invite. It will just advise them you are already in an alliance or are being scouted by a max amount of alliances (5).