Finding people for advanced quests

It seems to be getting harder to find people without leaving the alliance I made for me and my friends now.. This makes grinding extremely painful... And seems there aren't really any other viable ways to grind 50 to 70...

If you're Ship 2 I'll be a +1 for Advance~

Usually putting [Active Recruitment] on works for me for most quests, I don't encounter leeches that often. Expressing the game plan of Advance Quests stops the speedrunners.

@XUL Sadly,i'm on ship 1 😞 I guess I'll try the whole recruitement thing

I'm on ship 3. 4 characters already so IF I get some side cash for a new slot, I may try making on other ships.

@Morgothryuzaki Good luck! Wonder when Ship transfers will be a thing, though.

@XUL I'll personally never transfer ship,but it could be nice I guess