Pure photons, where they at?

@OmegaNeo8603 Typically, they only drop from Limited Quests that are part of events; however, Limited Quests are also "permanent" during event periods (ie. while the event has them scheduled, you can run them at any time, not like with a UQ), so Pure Photons tend to be fairly common.

circu ray units worth farming for ? only a few defense higher than brissa

@WillfulChart930 Idk. I got all 3 parts of the circu ray but i haven't seen any set effects. Do I need a specific weapon or is it used for something else?

it has +50 hp 9 pp 25 mel/rng/tec and 5% resist but doesn't look justify for their heavy grind

@OmegaNeo8603 12* units have inherent stat bonuses instead of set effects and allow "setting" a ring in them (currently not available).

I think it is something like 125 HP, 70 attack, and 27 PP if you have all 3, but it is not a set bonus. (Numbers might be off a bit).

They can also be upgraded into Union set layer, which primarily increases the defense and HP they have inherently. The additional skill rings will make them better than Brissa/Saiki because of the utility.

what does inherent mean ? does it mean if i have stamina 3 on my unit when upgrade to union it will have that HP bonus from stamina 3 built in and i can add another stamina 3 ?

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Pretty sure i have like 2k of these lying around on JP, it's one resource you wont have to farm a lot of. This UQ really just serves it's purpose of finally killing Saiki prices and have everyone get access to easy Ray Units.

Do the ray units just drop? Or do you have to get them somewhere?

You get Glory Badges, which you can exchange for Rising Badges 2 at Xie which then can be used to buy Ray Units.

@coldreactive they drop in ultimate quests, I farmed them all long before this event. Now they just giving it away suxs

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@Morgothryuzaki I did 10 runs of the new EQ on XH and so far I got two 13* weapons (The Spear and the Wired Lance). Out of these 10 runs, I also got 9 Pure Photons. Granted, I was using +250% rare drop boost and a +100% triboost & +50% triboost from Berry Pies & +90% triboost from a full party and daily boost, so take that into account. The drop rate doesn't seem very low, atleast compared to Ultimate Quests.

No photonic tree boost?

@ERICK001BC Nah I always forget about the tree lol

@WillfulChart930 it means it possesses traits naturally. So if you had a 0 slot Ray unit, it would still boost your HP, PP, and attack values.

what about enhance LV ? does it reset ?

@OmegaNeo8603 All good. I had to make do with 20% party boost because someone started the teleporter early.

bump, still can't find even in Ultimate quest farm, says gal gryphon drops them and he is on nightfall province randomly but he wont drop.