Low Frame Rate/Freezing on Xbox One X

Is there a known fix when you lose most if not all frames per second while on Xbox One X? It happens while in the lobby, it happens while in missions, there doesnt seem to be a cause on my end of things as to why this happens.

Here's what I've tried and my setup:

Xbox One X

Game installed on SSD

I have unistalled and reinstalled 2x

I have lowered my graphical settings to Mid and then Low

I have cleared the game's cache

I have cleared the console's cache

I have turned off/on other players' accessories

As of now this only happens once or twice a week, every other week, but it renders the game literally unplayable. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance.

@Allwayz-SinCere if you still have your Xbox one S or original Xbox one you could try playing the game on it instead, not telling you what to do, just offering a suggestion