Will they ever fix all of the translation issues this game has? The game has been out for months.

Not really sure what topic to put this in since it's more of a short rant, but while it's hilarious to see translation issues such as "gods be operative", some of the translation errors are just... awful. It's kind of sad the arks-layer team did a better job without pay than Sega in the game's current state. The best example I can currently think of a detrimental translation is the Sonic Fever affix, since it straight up lies to the player. I hope Sega is at least aware of all of these strange translation problems and plans on fixing them soon, but it really seems like it isn't a priority if they are. sonic fever.png

The fixed the gods be operative but... left out the other spelling mistakes in that same sentence.

Gods be operative was fixed, but during that whole spill, heteor fore and some other ones are still fucked lol.