Auxiliary Quests and levelling

OK so I've been leveling my auxiliaries by doing the CO's from Franca's however I notice something that I am not to sure about. So, just like for players there is a gradual progression from recommended zones for the auxiliary to go on his exploration quests and he gains exp by doing so BUT i notice the max level zone he can go to is Dragon Altar where the mobs he needs to fight are level 50. However the exp given from each of these quest range from 9-10k exp. But, there are other zones he can go where the target mobs are lower in level eg: Nightfall Province but the exp is much higher (30+k exp). Is the exp gained from these exploration quests, in the quest description, that we send our auxiliary on awarded to both the players and the auxiliaries equally? or do does the exp they get from them work from another system? I mean it would be pointless to send my auxiliary to fight higher level mobs for only 1/3 the exp he could get from weaker ones.

  1. Auxes don't gain EXP when you party with them.

  2. Auxes don't gain extra EXP for doing Emergency Codes with them.

  3. The tutorial for Auxes states that questing in the same area will make it easier/etc. But the wording on this actually means that... when you give them COs that send them to the same area, they will have a higher chance to succeed. (This does not affect boss drop items as much as simply increasing the success rate of low-requested item COs, however.) Meaning, if you have two COs that are for enemy drops both in Volcanic Caves... then the success rate will increase, for those two COs.

All you need to know can be found here well most of it anyway.

Somethings might be different in the NA ver. but all the same.