[Ship 3] Cat looking for a new home (alliance)

Hi, I am a currently active player, with experience from playing on the PSO2 JP servers. What I'm looking for is an active/casual/very social, alliance. I dislike silent alliances where hardly anyone talks. I also dislike elitism. Being good playing a game is one thing, but get in my face about what gear I should be using, how I should play my class, or what I should have for augment, we're gonna have problems. I'm here to play this game, make friends, and have fun. I don't mind giving advice if someone asks for it though. Anyways I can be reached in the evenings, you can contact me on discord Lash#2936, please send information about your alliance, how many active/social players. and what you are looking for in a members. I am a 75/75 BO/HU.

(P.S.) if you're from an alliance that does nothing but spam perverted SA's all the time do not bother to recruit me.

Hey hey, we are a casual ally looking for some more social members, we use discord and in-game chat! If you interested! https://forum.pso2.com/topic/5642/ship-3-dragon-tea-we-are-recruiting-max-attack-buff-on-the-tree-lvl8