Sudden lack of random Urgent Quests

What happened? We were getting them every other hour but now we can spend 3-4 hours without anything happening.

They're completely RNG. Some of them require a second slot as well, and most of the time those cannot fall within a slot before a scheduled UQ.

As an example, Magatsu (Yes, it can spawn as a random UQ this week now) won't spawn as a random UQ today at 8:00 PM Pacific because it needs two slots, and the second slot would be immediately before the VR Urgent Quest. Scheduled Urgent Quests almost always have a blank 30 minute slot before they spawn.

Random Urgent Quests, like scheduled urgent quests, will announce their spawn time 15 minutes before their slot occurs.

@coldreactive Doesn't quite explain the lack of Urgents. From 4 AM to 8 AM there was only one Urgent, for example. Then after that, we got nothing until Scheduled Blackened Kingdom

@Shirokami07 Yes it does explain it, its entirely RNG whether one spawns or not like they said.

Yep.. the scheduling is subject to RNG if its not on the website schedule.