Be able to trade/sell items from Harvesting/Fishing?

Honestly, it just seems really silly to me that they're bound and I'd love to be able to help out friends with them, especially during quests.

@Princesse-Jen actually you can sell items from the harvest and fishing spots

@TURION-MOONSTAR I believe you can NPC them, but not like on the actual player shops?

nothing can be sold in personal shops without a premium

@Princesse-Jen They are just trying to force us to do gathering. If not forced, who will do this silly gathering mini-games? 😆

rocks, gems, and things you can turn in for 100k client orders are untradable. the rest can be put in the personal shop

@TURION-MOONSTAR I know? That's not the problem. I have premium.

@Fiona-Respha I mean, there's still the achievements, titles, and experience... 😛 And there's always going to be people who do it even if others don't care for it.

I actually have fun with it sometimes, but it's super disheartening to just constantly have to go back just to mine/harvest for ring upgrading. And it's even more frustrating when like, I got what I needed to finish a quest and have all these extras and can't help out friends.

@lily-rain Exactly...? Thus my suggestion to have them be tradeable.

sorry, i was simply clarifying for the knowledge of others, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with your suggestion

100% agree. Not everyone wants to gather. Probably NO ONE does. But the few who are willing to put in the work can be rewarded with selling the items at high prices, due to the low supply. All is fair.