[SHIP 3] Dragon Tea - (92/100) - Tree buff MAX: ATK/MES/RARE - Discord - Casual/Social - Beginner/Veteran.

@Andarielw Will add you as soon as I can Andariel! Course we got a spot!

@Lucky Tks I will be waiting ^^

Heya, my old alliance is a little inactive (or ehm, almost dead) and Im looking for a new one. Is there still an open spot?

we still have spots open just give us your player ID name and we'll get an invite sent out to you.

Heya, the ID is Ainsel.

alright invite has been sent out for you.

Thanks @LashettePSO2 , welcome @Sosiel

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another day another bump

Just started the game and looking for some guild mates to play with, can I get an invite? my ign is Tiki

I can send out an invite, but we do request that you change your Player ID Name from a PN number to an actual Player ID Name. This can be done in the main menu after selecting a ship to log on to. The option to change it can be found in the Support Menu, just below Character Creation/Selection. First time changing the Player ID Name is free, after that it cost AC to change the Player ID Name after 30 days of a name change. If this is acceptable I can send you an invite.

Ohh okay I see. I went ahead and changed it, my Player id is Taotapp

@iRage-Epic Hey hey if no one invited you give me a sec, just got our of work! Welcome! Also thats my daily bump

Good evening everyone!I I just came back from a small hiatus and honestly the alliance I was in was never too active so I ended up leveling pretty much all on my own. Thus the hiatus. If you guys are active, I would be more than happy to have an opportunity to join you. ID: RaisinsOriginal

Thanks for your attention! 🙂