[SHIP 3] Dragon Tea - (92/100) - Tree buff MAX: ATK/MES/RARE - Discord - Casual/Social - Beginner/Veteran.

You guys still accepting. My current guild is dead i think. Looking for a more lively bunch.

@overfiend78 We are! Just tell me ur ID in-game or contact me on discord! Lucky#6414

Hello! is there a problem if my main language is not English? I am eagerly looking for a social Alliance but had not much luck till now.

@Gevehard-Westknight No problem at all! With that said our chat is english based... soo you gonna need to speak in english!

thats no problem for me šŸ™‚ could just be that sometimes it takes a little bit longer for me to Answer, or react to certain things. If that is still Ok for you, then i would be happy to give it a try. And join the Alliance!

@Gevehard-Westknight It's okay, english is also not my first language, for curiosity, whats ur first language?!

@Gevehard-Westknight I see, Im gonna need your ingame ID!

Thanks! Will invite you soon!

Iā€™m interested if there are still openings available.

@Lucky will do tonight.

@ThirstyOwl6515 Of couse, we would love to have you! I just need your ingame ID! Or add me on discord!

@overfiend78 Alright! Just tell me when!

Also that's my daily bump haha

@Lucky Sent a message in Discord

Hi guys , Im looking for a new Alliance so...there's a spare slot to a new member ? My Id is Andarielw .