[SHIP 3] Dragon Tea - (92/100) - Tree buff MAX: ATK/MES/RARE - Discord - Casual/Social - Beginner/Veteran.

UPDATE* 07/05

We removed our innactive players! We have 21 new slots for members! Join us today for an active alliance!


**Since we got the MAX buff on the tree ATK/MES we are gonna be focusing on getting extreme passes and RARE DROP buff next!

Daily Bump - Look what we did lmao


Daily Bump x.png

Daily bump, still going strong! Join us!

bump cuz we are lonelly and want some love

Ok folks just to clear things up. When Lucky says we, he means himself. As in Lucky is very lonely, and wants love. It's been this way ever since his favorite quartz dragon died on him. Lucky was so crushed. Like literally, it died, and landed on Lucky. This has been your daily bump. Come join us, and all our merry shenanigans. You might even get a chance to see Lucky get killed. I know I got that chance, that quartz dragon was priceless.

Hi there, my friend and i looking for a more active clan, we are on daily, added on discord.

@CosmicDiva Welcome! 😄

@LashettePSO2 Quartz dragons are evil, we must slay them all

Also join us for some fun room partys lmao



Daily Bump tuts tuts


Another day, another bump

Strange no Lucky today, guess I'll just have to the do the daily bump. We've made more room for new members to join us. If you're an active player, and looking for a place to quest, be social, and have a good time, then come hit us up.

Today I recieved a Lash wanting to join our alliance, another one?! Is that hell?!

Oh don't you worry you're little head about it Lucky.... They're already in the alliance, you're welcome.

Late bump cuz I sleept after work