[SHIP 3] Dragon Tea - (92/100) - Tree buff MAX: ATK/MES/RARE - Discord - Casual/Social - Beginner/Veteran.

Ep4 is here, woot

Hello new steam players, join us! muahaha

Hi id like to join you guys! my charactr name is Huge Euge

@banguhsaurus I sent you a invite! Welcome! Also daily bump!

Daily late bump, still recruiting people from steam! We are almost full tho!

drunk lash is drunky

late bump

The guild is still going stronk

We made a little bit of room for new members to join, we were getting quite full the past few weeks, thus the lack of bumps. But we are back to recruiting dedicated active members. So come and join us.

Edit Also since Lucky is busy with RL stuff. Leadership has been passed to HybridCivic. Nothing has changed as far as the direction we are taking this alliance. I will still be inviting new members, and acting as PR for the alliance on the forums. so get ready to see more bumps from me and less bumps from Lucky.

Still looking for new members feel free to come find us in B17 please note we prefer new members to be using a Player ID name not a PN number. So please be sure to make a Player ID name.

A few spots open, please feel free to apply today 😆 All relevant tree buffs maxed out so were using excess alliance points to send members Bonus Keys! See you soon :3