[SHIP 3] Dragon Tea - (92/100) - Tree buff MAX: ATK/MES/RARE - Discord - Casual/Social - Beginner/Veteran.


Short Recap:

Alliance Name: Dragon Tea  
Leader: LuckyCat 
Ship: 3
Language: English
Type: Casual, Friendly, Fun
Communication: Discord and chat in-game

We check who is active from time to time to keep the alliance going! Soo if you are looking for an active one, join us!

Cafe B17 is where you can find most of us. We got a nice union of alliances there too, with groups for UQ/AQ/ULTIMATE all the time!

Tree Buffs:

**Last update 08/01


If you are interested please PM me on discord: Lucky#6414 or join our discord (Q7fvcdv) or request to join the alliance in-game at the visiphone

**Last update 08/01


Great group of people to roll with. There's always something going on!

Don't be shy and sign up! ^^

Fantastic and friendly group! Watching Lucky die in game is a highlight, something to look forward to!

@SilencedEcho97 U guys are bullys lmao

83 members! 17 more to go!

Daily bump, 85 members, 15 left! Almost MAX meseta buff now! We are lvl 7, and our rank bumped to 12! Join us!

10/10, just enough water.

Daily Bump, tuts tuts


sigh such laziness, you better appreciate this bump Lucky. By the way great alliance, a great place for people who plan on staying active in PSO2. and as always BASH LUCKY!

Actually I was just gonna bump rn after work, u bully

Right sure you were.....

Hi, I am currently looking for an alliance on Ship 3. I started playing on PC launch but have played previous versions of PSO1 and many other online games. I am on the east coast of US play time. I am usually on around 6-7 every day. I will try and look you up tonight when I get home from work and maybe we can talk. I also sent a friend request to Lucky6414 in discord for some more info.

@Washui Course, joins us! Just send me ur ID or talk with me on discord, I think I accepted you as a friend

Daily bump tuts tuts, 95/100 gogo! Clean up soon

Hi hi, it's me again. just letting you all know I am usually on most of the days except Mondays and Thursdays, so if you're active and looking for a fun alliance to join, you can message me on discord Lash#2936, and I'll see about getting you an invite in. Also this is a bump, HA HA LUCKY, HA HA.