Urgent and Event Schedules

More of a website than forums suggestion.

Can we have like a set page that shows the current events and urgent schedules that we can bookmark like JP instead of individual webpage posts? It gets hard to keep track as we need to flip through pages of past news to see what's all current

Like the JP boosts/urgent schedule http://pso2.jp/players/boost/

Or their current event schedule showing which scratch and what events are going on http://pso2.jp/players/schedule/

Its not even hard to follow. there is a page showing the entire urgent quest schedules. LITTERALLY. Its more than good enough. As for the AC scratch,just get in game and look at the menu.

@Morgothryuzaki it's not just urgents and scratches, but also the campaigns like storyline campaigns, group chat campaign ARKS boost rally, etc, when does it start, when does it end.

@coldreactive that's exactly what I mean, the current 2 week is its individual page, bookmark useless after 2 weeks