Chat on Mobile

Not sure what all control you have over how certain features are implemented, but the user chat feature is a pain to use on mobile.

For example I can type in a username so start a conversation with someone, but if I do anything else (try to select then, try to respond to a chat , etc.) it's either too cluttered to do anything (i.e. I hit "send" and the message doesn't send) or touch inputs don't do anything (i.e. cannot select a new user to chat with).

I tried seeing if there was a mobile friendly version of the site ( but there doesn't appear to be anything. If you'd like screenshots of the issue (because words are hard) let me know and I can post some.

Yeah there isn't much you can do about that except going to the full chat itself. The chat window when opened can be hard on mobile because it moves around when you drag it on screen. It's a nice feature for chatting with people and browsing the forums at the exact same time without having to constantly go back and forth with the chat.

I'm not sure what they could do about it besides getting rid of the pop out feature for mobile and only leave the full chat available.

@The-Question I found that if I go to a current profile follower I can chat with them a little more directly without having to use the user search interface. Of course, this requires that the person you want to chat with is following you, but I guess that isn't TOO big an ask.

@Rantious Yeah to much work for a feature that should be point and click.