For any male CASTs that have been playing since early beta

Does anyone know if this set has been available in any previous scratches or in fresh finds?

Trying to figure out if we will potentially see this set on NA any time in the next year, especially since so few CAST sets are available and often for so little time. Doubly so for us PC players who missed A LOT of good sets.

I've only been half paying attention to the male parts... Sadly, there were no PR announcements for Mission Pass seasons 1 & 2 to refer back to, but I don't recall seeing this one pop up.

I just finished editing the first post of the female parts thread to collect all the announcements that had parts. I don't recall if any male sets showed up in Fresh Finds, but they would've been mentioned in Fiona's daily posts


Yeah I looked back as far as I could via Fiona's but that only goes back so far. I know that Saga's CAST set was available via fresh finds at one point because I was playing then, but very little data was kept from pre PC launch and I was wondering if there were any xbox players on NA who already had this set/or were playing when this set was available. It's a set I am very much looking forward to and it is very hard to collect data on what was available for male casts pre-PC.