Controller Support Nerf

So. Yesterday: 6/23/2020, my controller was working fine. But today, PSO2 is the only game that it doesn't work in at all. I use a Mayflash Magic NS dongle, set to XInput mode, since proper Xbox Controllers are too unreliable for their price (3 months of casual use before breaking when new, 1 when refurbished), and it no longer works. It works in minecraft, sonic generations (Which doesn't properly support dinput so I know its not a dinput issue), sonic mania, the japanese version of PSO2, but not the North American release. I'd like to know what gives.

Update: Just checked all of my controllers, even official xbox controllers (The ones that have broken sticks only) and none of them work.

I have had that problem as well, and the root cause is Phantasy Star Online 2 will only recognize xinput controller 1. This means that if for any reason the controller your using winds up as XIinput Controllers 2 to 4, the result will be complete ignoring of all input. I have found that restarting the computer can help with this problem.

@dandeloreon Unfortunately that didn't work. I even made sure I plugged it in when the computer booted, and it's not recognized by the game as the first xbox controller. Everything else recognizes it as the first xbox controller, but not pso2 NA

i abandoned this server, the compatibility for the game controller is bad, I like na server but if the game cant play with my controller my hands can get a injuries