Windows Launcher: Repeated trashing of Game Installation

Update: I had some more time and figured out what the cause of this bug is. This bug appears to be tied to the included launcher on the Windows 10 App store release for windows 10. I have reduced the bug reproduction steps to simply Installing a windows update leading to troubles.

  • Install Phantasy Star Online 2 From windows store.
  • Launch Phantasy Star Online 2 From Windows store.
  • Click "Yes" on the UAC Dialog
  • Let Update Finish.
  • Start Phantasy Star Online 2 game to see if it runs ( getting to main menu is enough).
  • Close Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Run Windows Update
  • Install Any available Windows Update ( does not matter which one, I have had this trigger in Virus Definition Updates)
  • Let The Update Finish Installing ( it will succeed)
  • Restart Computer
  • Open Windows store
  • Look for Phantasy Star Online 2 App page.
  • Click "Reinstall" because the game corrupted itself.

Tested Computers: Custom Desktop running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ( Version 1909). The only software effected by this is Phantasy Star Online 2. Acer Laptop running Windows 10 Home 64-bit ( was version 1909). Phantasy Star Online 2 was corrupted.

Note: I will be testing Windows 10 (Version 2004) later to see if this addresses the issue. However, I believe I will be forced to reinstall the game yet again due to the launcher modifying the files that windows 10 app store uses to determine if the application is corrupted or not.

original post

The Phantasy Star Online 2 Game Launcher is thrashing the local files of the Phantasy Star Online 2 Install by failing to handle file permissions correctly. I can trash the Install within 30 seconds of updating the game client files.

WARNING: Do not follow the next steps unless you are prepared to Reset the installation of Phantasy Star Online 2. This will corrupt the Installation and force you to haft to completely reinstall the game.

  • Install Phantasy Star Online 2 using Windows Store on Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Run Phantasy Star Online 2 Using launcher program
  • Click "Yes" on the UAC Dialog.
  • Wait for Phantasy Star Online 2 to Finish Updating.
  • Close the Launcher.
  • Run Phantasy Star Online 2 Using launcher program again.
  • Click "No" on the UAC Dialog.
  • Open Up Start menu, and Look at the Phantasy Star Online 2 Icon. The Icon is Darkened, and the game will never run again.

Temporary Fix: Follow the Repair Instructions on - Windows Support: Repair or remove programs in Windows 10

A small update. The game launcher is still corrupting itself. The game can also be flagged depending on whether or not windows store gets an update and goes in and re-validates the game files. The updated steps are below.

Warning: Do not do these steps unless you wish to reinstall Phantasy Star Online 2 because of windows store flagging the game as corrupted.

  • Install "Phantasy Star Online 2" from windows store.
  • Run "Phantasy Star Online 2" from the start menu after windows store says Installation is completed.
  • Click "Yes" on the Administrative Prompt request.
  • Let "Phantasy Star Online 2" update the launcher.
  • click "Back" on the dialog since this will restart launcher.
  • Close the launcher after about 2 to 5 minutes to give the launcher enough time to corrupt a few files.
  • Close the launcher. (Note: There is no reason to let the game fully update at this point. )
  • Start "Phantasy Star Online 2" from the start menu.
  • Click "No" on the Administrative Prompt request.
  • Windows store will now clearly mark the whole install as corrupted.