Rappies Emote

Can people still get the cute Rappies emotes? i really want to know. or is it too late?

It was given out as part of the event for being in an Alliance with a certain number of people and earning a certain amount of points in the time frame. It ended earlier this month and prizes are just being distributed now.

It is sellable I believe though, so you can find it in a player shop.

i think its not sellable or? Im at worl and cant take a look atm but the most things you get as present, like a Dreamcast Mag, you cant sell... but i dont want to be a liar 😄

@mickschen I bought mine from a player shop so they are tradeable 👍

@ScrawnyKitty ah ok 😄 Nice to have, but i have it from the normal way 😄 I think its all cool in the game to get this campaign rewards... there is no things lile you have to play 200 hours in 1 week to get a speacil sword which make is making you to the strongest hunter or something else 😄

Yeah I'm being anti-social as I have weird playing hours. So I made a solo alliance but might give that up at some point and join a real one 😆

@ScrawnyKitty 🙂 fun 🙂 but i thinnk is mor important that you would ever play in a full party 🙂

@ScrawnyKitty If yer in Ship 2, hit me up sometime 😄 Lizwell, the leader of Incorporated.

@SleeprunnerInc Thx but wrong ship 🙂 I'll get in touch if I ever stretch to more character slots (that's if they will ever take my money lol)